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Logistics Friomurcia S. L

We are a team specialized in logistics, distribution and installation of machinery for the packing and packaging in all the sectors of power and industry. Giving solutions to multiple sectors.

We are a company committed with the environment, complying with the food safety and quality.

Solutions for the
Power and Industry

We have a variety of machines for industrial packaging and packaging

Suitable for the packaging of biscuits, pies, chocolates, bread, instant noodles, moon cakes, medicines, daily applications, industrial parts, paper boxes, trays, etc

Suitable for all kinds of pre-made bags, packaging of liquid, as a sauce, rice vinegar, fruit juice, beverage, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, pasta.

suitable for packing all kinds of grain material, sheet, potato chips, dried fruits, vegetables, frozen food, pet food, hardware and plastic.

Suitable for automatic packaging of various kinds of powder, such as milk, coffee, chili powder, spices, sugar, soap powder, curry powder, detergent powder, etc

Suitable for all type of grains and solid material, sheet, potato chips, dried fruits, vegetables, frozen food, pet food, hardware and plastic.

Packing machine bag manufactured from a single station, economical applicable for dosing powder, granule or liquid in a bag, packaged and sealed.

Main function of the machine: movie automatically in the correct position, measurement and liquid filling, seal filler form of bag of multi-lane, court, tracking of the sensor, the ability of count.

Machine packing envelopes liquids of 6 lanes with sterilization UV, it is suitable for many kinds of liquid products, such as milk, shampoo, ketchup, honey, sauce, oil, pasta, candy, ice, etc

Machine packing granules of 6 lanes 3/4 envelope sealing, it is suitable for many kinds of products of fine granules, such as sugar, salt, small grains, coffee, seeds, spices, etc

We offer suitable solutions and after-sales service effective

Industrial service

Logistics and

Mounting and


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